Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Quick notes: Dognosis, Solar airport...

  • Dogs to join medical staff at UC Davis: Dogs are 90 to 95 percent effective at sniffing out cancer.

  • Protein Goes Green: Demand for plant protein is growing in concert with growing interest in reducing meat consumption.

  • Solar Airport: Kerala’s Cochin International Airport has become the first airport in the world that would be running fully on solar power

  • Delhi announces City Taxi, rent-a-motorcycle schemes: Encourages the use of Nano and electric car Reva as cabs to promote public transport, last-mile connectivity and affordable alternatives to buying and using private vehicles — a major cause of congestion and over 1,600 annual fatalities. .

  • Electric Minimalism: Laptop-Size Electric Skateboard Scoots You Around

  • Intel Optane super-fast SSDs coming in 2016: 3D Xpoint based storage is 5 to 7 times as fast as current NAND flash based SSDs.

  • Benedict Jebakumar: This engineer created a magnetic tool to pick up nails from the road

  • Bangla Terror: Police today found over 1,100kg of chemicals that can be used to make bombs at a small godown in the heart of Kolkata. The cache is powerful enough to "reduce 20 big malls to dust in five minutes",

  • Mangalyaan: India's Mars orbiter sends stunning canyon photo. More pictures here.

  • Were Carbs A Brain Food For Our Ancient Ancestors? Once ancient humans learned to cook, starchy foods like root vegetables or grasses could have given them a calorie bump that fueled the evolution of the human brain.

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