Sunday, August 16, 2015

Quick notes: Cooking gas gains, Indore's potential...

  • Really? UAE allots land for temple on Modi visit

  • Govt counts cooking gas gains: The country has saved Rs 15,000 crore since the govt started transferring cooking gas subsidy directly into consumers' accounts.

  • Bye-Bye Technology Transfer: Four months after PM Modi intervened, Rafale fighter jets deal runs into problems. ... "Tejas would meet our requirements": IAF chief

  • Defense and aerospace: Hyderabad tech puts aerospace, defense manufacturing in new orbit. ... US Offers Fighter Jets, Aircraft Carrier Technology to India. strings attached?

  • Next tech hub? Indore shows great promise.

  • Domestic helps: Government proposes Rs 9,000 minimum pay, social security cover, mandatory leaves... Minimum hourly pay? Maybe. Minimum monthly pay? I don't know.

  • Has terror a connection to religion? Christianity and Islam inject the virus of supremacy into their belief system and contempt for “others” who they claim will be thrown into hellfire for all eternity. 

  • All human beings carry divinity inside themselves: 'For us to ignite our spirituality, we need to look inward and transcend our egos. We need to recognize, connect with and integrate the eternal spirit within,' A P J Abdul Kalam wrote in his last book, Transcendence.

  • Macaulay shining: State grants ONLY to church run English mediums schools

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