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Fwd: BBC Bigots

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Once upon a time, news from the BBC was treated as gospel truth. People trusted its credibility. Take for instance the Morbi Machchu Dam disaster of August 1979, most Indians abroad learned about the disaster through the BBC (which killed unconfirmed numbers of 25000 and in which, incidentally, Narendra Modi was a participant as relief worker). As a kid I took the radio to bed. I listened to BBC World news, "Top of the Pops" (TOTP – the weekly chart countdown) and humour shows like "Jest a minute" where celeb-participants had to speak in jest on a topic for a minute without repeating a word. Till the early 1990s UK had only 5-6 TV channels; BBC1 to 4 and ITV and maybe one more. There was no 24X7 TV. The BBC usually closed programmes at midnight or in exceptional cases around 2am in the night. They closed with a Padre reading passages from the Bible so that Jesus could put you to good sleep. All that changed on January 17, 1991.

On January 17, 1991 a little known cable TV, the first 24X7 channel, called CNN grabbed world attention by its LIVE reporting from Baghdad during the first Gulf War. This was followed by a glut of private cable TV all over the world, including UK where SkyTV came in. In India, BBC started losing relevance as private channels started invading homes since 1991 and even Doordarshan became a 24X7 channel. CNN became a household name across the world and the US finally had a news-brand that was world famous. Even Hollywood movies started using CNN in their movies as viewers identified with the brand easily. Since then the story of BBC sliding into disrepair, Commie indulgence, racism, homophobia, covering up Islamic terrorism, Bigotry and hate-mongering has been phenomenal. Even citizens of the UK don't trust the BBC anymore.

Over the last decade the BBC has splendidly directed its venom against India (specifically against Hindus) in line with our own private channels. The Beeb practices the same fraudulent Sickularism that NDTV, India Today, ABPNews or Timesnow practice and others practice. Their much preferred hate-target was and is Narendra Modi and therefore Hindus or Hindutva. Take a look at this headline trashing Gujarat's growth while Modi was CM:

The Gujarat growth story is a myth peddled by its govt claims BBC. Like the Commie-Pigs of the other British magazine, The Economist, the BBC has also run many articles trashing Gujarat and, where possible, Hindus in a hate-campaign that tried its very best to stop Modi from becoming PM. Like many Christian mags and channels that are predominantly anti-Hindu the BBC also cleverly picks Commie writers from India who possess exceptional prejudice and hatred for Hindus and Hindu civilisation. Most of these anti-Hindu outlets were quiet over the corrupt, anti-Hindu regime of Sonia. Of course, they would be thrilled that Jesus-Salesmen flourished under the Catholic Sonia. I don't normally pay attention to foreign media criminals unless it starts to get extreme. The latest hate-mongering exercise from BBC is called "Are Hindu nationalists a danger to other Indians?" by some Commie of Indian origin (probably indoctrinated abroad with anti-Hindu hate).

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