Saturday, August 01, 2015

Is Trump Doing a Kejriwal?

Even while the roster of US Republican candidates for its presidential elections has more than one strong contender, everyone seems to have been caught off guard by the rapid rise of Donald Trump, who is trying to upend the race with his characteristically loud and brash style. His constant command of media attention through a non-stop stream of over-the-top statements has allowed him to upstage and eclipse the other established candidates for the Republican leadership.

Unlike India's parliamentary system, which helps magnify the importance of smaller parties, the US electoral system tends to naturally favour its 2-party setup. Therefore, any political upstart typically has to come up through the ranks of one of these 2 established camps. As the pushy Trump elbows his way to hog the spotlight, the rest of the Republican establishment seem to be at a loss on how to deal with the threat he poses to them.

A number of his stated foreign policy positions could benefit India, however.

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