Sunday, August 02, 2015

series on innovation over at swarajya mag

hi folks
i have been writing a series of essays on innovation, which i plan to clean up and publish. 

please take a look. 

here's one of the articles.


non-carborundum said...


Not sure if monetizing traditional Indian knowledge holds much water. I agree that people should not be allowed to usurp traditional Indian knowledge as their own intellectual property.

nizhal yoddha said...

according to the rules of the (western) game, anything that has been out there in the public domain for a while is not IPR. but that doesn't stop people from trying to quietly usurp it and get patents :-)

certainly lots of traditional indian stuff, especially designs, are copyrightable. imagine the kalamkari or kanchipuram or all the new designs they are coming up with. even yoga, ayurveda, kalari payat -- all these are in danger of being expropriated unless we document the stuff and produce it as prior art.

the whole model we have had: "invent and put it out there" does not work with the western model of grabbing IPR