Sunday, August 09, 2015

Quick notes: Tech gods, Concentrated solar...

  • Demigods: Putting Elon Musk and Steve Jobs on a pedestal misrepresents how innovation happens. The idea that particular individuals drive history has long been discredited. Yet it persists in the tech industry, obscuring some of the fundamental factors in innovation. ... like crediting Rajiv Gandhi for Indian IT

  • Original solutions for India’s unique conditions: While solar PV is expected to provide the majority of solar power generation in India, concentrated solar is also of keen interest, as it can be put to a variety of non-electricity applications. Using concentrated solar power to bake bricks would be a huge boon to the environment.

  • Solar Cell, Battery Combo May Simplify Power Generation: Storing its own energy streamlines process

  • Taiwan's Foxconn plans $5 billion investment over five years in Maharashtra facility

  • Holy cow! India is the world's largest beef exporter ...Why not impose export duties to gradually discourage this?

  • "That's some toxic shit": Chennai born rapper sings to Unilever CEO over mercury poisoning

  • Photos: India's Su-30MKI Flankers Sparred With Royal Air Force Typhoons

  • Study: Consumption of spicy foods helps non-alcoholics more.

  • Mool Mantra:

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