Sunday, December 01, 2013

Tarun Tejpal sent to police custody, grilled for 5 hours

Just "grilled"? A scoundrel like this deserves to be "roasted",
metaphorically speaking, of course - for his heinous crimes and unspeakable deviant actions.

Gali gali mein shor hai, Tarun Tejpal chor hai!!!

Gali gali mein shor hai, Shoma Chaudhury ----- hai!!!

BTW, where is that other hideous pseudo advocate of women's causes - Renuka Chowdhary and her "Pink panty brigade"? No candle light vigils for the victim of Tarun Tejpal's sekoolar rape? Nahin, when not cavorting with stud farmers from
the Bombay Moslem underworld, their ire is
exclusively reserved for Pramod Muthalik's vigilant boys and their pre-emption of lust/rape Jihad in

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