Friday, December 20, 2013

Tharoor on India-US Dispute

Shashi Tharoor on the diplomatic confrontation with the US:

Tharoor actually makes a salient point that India probably isn't the only country not paying diplomat's assistants less than minimum wage. In which case, why single out India for prosecution? What about all the other developing countries with diplomats in NYC?

It might be useful for India to enjoin other developing countries to jointly engage in collective bargaining with the US on how this particular aspect of its visa laws are to be handled, and how their diplomats are to be treated. Otherwise, next time it could be any one of them suffering a similar fate.


Jatin said...

Engaging other countries on maid payments will not help at all. Elephant in the room is conspicuous by its absence - this whole episode is not about maid payment. It is either some left-liberal-christist lobby playing mischiefs (albeit for some ulterior motives controlled by some other interests) or espionage or both.

Involving other countries in this matter reminds of Nehru's fascination with UN to solve Kashmir problem.

Most effective course of action possible for India under the rule of the law now is to cancel the Visa of the diplomats having same-sex partners.

In another news today I read that under Obama administration, the deportation of illegal aliens has gone down to 1%. No wonder dems are despised by the repubs - this is no different from the pseudo-seculars in India.

san said...

But how are other developing countries managing to pay their diplomatic support staff at US market wages? I want to know what they're all really doing. Because it's not fair for India to be singled out.

Jatin said...

India is not singled out because someone paid someone else less than the minimum wage.