Wednesday, December 11, 2013

#iffk cannes winner, some serious lesbian sex, but otherwise very slight film

  1. #iffk2013 #iffk Errata previous tweet meant to say 'bull dyke' but predictive keyboard did me in

  2. #iffk2013 #iffk flame for boy. Boy big success painter, no reconciliation. The end. Except boy is blue haired but dyke girl. Great sex. 2/2

  3. #iffk2013 #iffk 'blue is the warmest color' summary: boy meets girl. Great sex. Big fight. Jealous boy kicks girl out. Girl holds flame 1/2

  1. #iffk2013 #iffk blue..., pretty lead actress does great job in tale of love gained and lost. Punters loved film/her, theater 150% full 2/2

  2. #iffk #iffk2013 blue is the... , 2013 Cannes winner, slight film, extremely long (3 hours), explicit, long lesbian sex, disappointing 1/2

did i mention the great sex? :-)

sent from samsung galaxy note, so please excuse brevity

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