Saturday, December 14, 2013

bhedam: the #377 issue is driving a wedge between the bad guys!

chanakya's chatur-upayas are: samam, danam, bhedam, dandam

homosexuality, transgender etc have not been burning issues in hindu society: note hijras (tolerated), shikhandi (given humane, special treatment), the idea of ardhanariswara etc.

violent anti-homosexuality is a semitic thing. because of the binary semitic mindset, they cannot see any grey areas. thus they have always been intolerant of anything they perceive as outside 'the norm'. this is what led to racism, oppression of females, pogroms against religious groups, animosity towards certain animals, etc.

in other words, intolerance is a semitic phenomenon, and not a hindu/indic phenomenon.

thus sec 377 is really a non-issue in india. hindus IMHO simply deal with homosexuality as something that exists, and even if one doesn't approve of it, one doesn't persecute those who have that tendency.

this, of course, is impossible for the semites. they think it is a SIN. they want to lynch the SINNERS.

this drives a huge wedge between the commie/left-lib/rainbow types and the rol/rop types. 

bhedam in action. how, for example, will aap explain to its mullah friends if their commie friends want sec377 trashed? same with congress.

heaven-sent gift to the BJP!

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san said...

The problem is that we can't be locking up consenting adults by breaking into their bedrooms. It would be better to have no Section 377 at all, so that the issue of sexual orientation is not within the purview of the state.

I too have been thinking about whether the Vote Bank will part ways with Congress and Left. What could happen is that Congress will support decriminalization and Muslims will simply flee to Samajwadi and BSP, which will support Muslims in opposing decriminalization.

It's important to force Samajwadi and BSP to take a stance on whether or not they support decriminalization. That will determine the Vote Bank behavior.