Saturday, December 14, 2013

Allahu Akbar Party to contest all L.S. seats from Gujarat

Are we scared? Hell no!
If there is any state in the Indian Union where parliamentary democracy is functioning well and fulfilling the aspirations of the citizens - it is in BJP governed Gujarat, under the leadership of Narendra bhai Modi.

True, the Gujarati people are intrinsically entrepreneurial and enterprising. However, their true dynamic potential was always curtailed under the previous, corrupt Congress regimes. They are highly unlikely to vote for anarchy and for a band of crooked, self serving, rabid anti-nationals.

Let the Allahu Akbar Party contest all seats from Gujarat and get decimated. The anti-national windbags need to have the gas beaten out of them.

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san said...

Actually, AAP entry into Gujarat would improve the situation for BJP, because AAP will really just eat away at the Congress seats. Anything that diminishes the power of the scheming crooked Congress stuntsmen in Gujarat will only benefit BJP in the state. At least AAP tries to put on a face of being above corruption - although how real it is remains to be seen - and so AAP won't be in a position to imitate the blatant vote-buying schemes of the Congress in Gujarat, like offering homes, etc.