Monday, December 09, 2013

AAP Shifting from Delhi to Mumbai

Like Orwell's novel 1984, history is now being reinvented in front of our eyes to suit the current political climate. The mercenary media which gushed over the Congress are now suddenly rushing to realign themselves and fawn over their new AAP darling/meal-ticket. Are we at war with Eurasia now, or Oceania? The media will let us in on the new "truth" - once they decide how to sugarcoat it to us.

Vote bank suddenly doesn't care for yuvaraj anymore, now that Kejriwal is dangling in front of them. Surely Ahmed Patel has some explaining to do for Madame. And of course, true to his Lefty roots, Kejriwal is now targeting his next city to campaign in - Mumbai. Governing Delhi is too tedious for him it seems, as AAP has declined to form a govt following BJP's passing it over. Mayawati and Mulayam must be feeling envious and dumbstruck at how this new job-hopper could be dreaming of leapfrogging towards the PM slot when they failed to do so.

Ethics, morals and convictions seem to be trifling things for voters eager to drink the kool-aid of the newest snakeoil salesman telling them what they want to hear. But surely 2 towns are not enough for this Pied Piper - which city will then be Kejriwal's next target to move onto after this? I'm thinking Bangalore and Pune, since Calcutta or Lucknow may be too rough and tough for him to handle.

Anybody played the Japanese game of Go? 

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