Monday, December 09, 2013

Babugiri in Dilli

I am a graduate of IIT, Delhi. I have a PhD in electronics engineering. I work for the public sector establishment ECIL (Electronics Corporation of India Limited).

I cast my valuable vote for the Allahu Akbar Party (AAP) because I am smitten by their "revolutionary" ideas of Jan LokPal (bureaucratic ombudsman). Got to admit that Shazia Ilmi is kind of attractive too, specially in that white Gandhi cap *and* She speaks good Inglis on Nehru Dynasty TV (NDTV).

I also think Sundeep Pandey and his NGO do great work in "education".

It is also my esteemed opinion that Tarun Tejpal and his honourable establishment, Tehelka have rendered yeoman service to our "democracy".

I aspire for public office in the near future and intend to participate in several candle light vigils at Jantar Mantar for whatever incident covered by NDTV.

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