Monday, December 09, 2013

AAP: Allahu Akbar Party

I sincerely hope this band of anarchist anti-national elements are stopped in their tracks.

Farziwal, Sisodia, Prashant Bhushan et al are of the same category as that Naxalite dog, Sandeep Pandey and the professional blackmailer and paedophile - Tarun Tejpal.

India call ill afford this sophisticated band of
anarchists any more than it can afford yet another term of the Stalinist UPA.

At the end of the day, the people get what they voted for.
At the risk of being politically incorrect, one has to admit that
Delhiites were stupid enough to allow that dishonest Waheda Rehman lookalike to swindle them with her kindly veneer.

I dare say these Naxalites will be worse than the most corrupt
scum thrown up from the Congress cesspool yet.

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