Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Badly Behaved US Diplomats

Have US diplomats all been angels overseas? Here's an article which says otherwise:

Another reason why "shooparpawar" status is for the birds.

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Sujeev said...


It has been two weeks since this story broke, but I am yet to see an Indian newspaper with this headline.

Don't they have any research departments? Aren't they aware of "SANCTUARY CITIES" in the USA, New York being one of them.

Here is Rudy "Law and Order" Giuliani trumpeting it in 1996...

With lakhs and lakhs of illegal immigrants in the New York City area, most of them exploited, and underpaid, because of their status, it is quite impossible for Preet Bharara to have gotten by without availing of their services at one time or another - taking a cab driven by an illegal immigrant, having a party catered to by an event planner not too particular about the immigration status of his employers, etc.

Why is the Indian press unable to highlight this aspect of the case (Bharara being guilty of the crimes Khobragade has been charged with despite her enjoying Diplomatic Immunity), instead of their taking their cue from the American media, and trying to weaken the Indian position?