Monday, December 09, 2013

iffk films 'rocket' and 'cabinet of dr caligari'

iffk,, is india's best film festival.

going on now in trivandrum.

here is my report from very sparse viewing:

#iffk2013 #iffk just saw #rocket, heartwarming Laotian film about a little boys redemption. Subtext: yank, aussie (han/water?) colonialism

#iffk #iffk2013 saw 1920s classic silent 'cabinet of Dr caligari'. Amazed theater was 70% full. Cartoonish sets, typical silent overacting

and a non festival film. i expected better:

saw #lifeofpi on TV. crashing bore with half-baked philosophical drivel. gave up before boy-with-tiger scenes at sea. dolorous #irffan irks

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