Monday, December 09, 2013

Fwd: Gee, thanks for giving us a martyr! pace Tertullian

tertullian was the guy who said, "i believe, because it is absurd". credo quia absurdum. about christian mythology :-)

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Pope Francis has expressed his desire to meet Samundar Singh - who had brutally murdered a Catholic nun Sister Rani Maria in broad daylight while travelling on a bus in Madhya Pradesh 18 years ago.....

Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, from Rome has extended invitation to Samundar Singh on behalf of Pope through ******Swami Sadanand, a Catholic priest based at Chhindwara district*****.  (Metaphor - the lupine as ovine; see -
Pope wants to meet Swami Sadanand, as he was instrumental for 'changing the heart' of Samundar Singh, who had spent 11 years and 6 months in jail after murdering Sister Rani Maria, church sources informed.  (Robert di Nobili II)

But, seems there's some misin... no confusion.

So, Slumdog Millionaire II...

How to dupe the Pagan and reap a harvest of converts -
Metaphor - the lupine as ovine; see -

Perhaps you are in a better position, linguistically speaking, to enlighten your Pagan readers about your Abrahamic co-ethnics and have a section of your blog devoted to such entities? Think global, act local! (  The ancestors of the Sindhi, Punjabi and Kashmiri Pagans, for instance, did not bother to do this, and are happy to wander around in residual India today , rather like live illustrations of your Aryan Tourist Theory.  e.g.  L K Advani - constitutency - Gandhinagar, Gujarat         Sleepless Singh - represents (?!) Assam (!!) (via Rajya Sabha).  Of course, just because their ancestors made mistakes doesn't mean that their contemporary descendants (like Jinnahkavi Advani) have even learnt anything, what to talk of making amends.

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