Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Bangladeshi Love Jihadi in California convicted

Finally, the American judicial system will deliver justice to this Jihadi monster who destroyed an entire Hindu family.

Iftekar Murtaza would have been felicitated in India by the "secular" establishment as an exemplar of "composite culture" in the finest tradition of Akbar the Mughal, one of the early love Jihadis. An Indian judge like U.C. Banerjee would have ruled that the Hindu family were incendiary material; hence combusted spontaneously - and ordered the Hindu girl to marry her family's murderer as an example for all impressionable young Hindu girls to emulate.

The perpetrator of the ghastly murders has been convicted, although not yet sentenced - the
prosecution is seeking capital punishment.

May God bless the USA!!!


Uddharet said...

Mr Gadkari came out with a wonderful new phrase to describe UPA's psecularism — "multi-communalism"! That made me compare an imaginary pseudo "Health care" system with what is really required. "Healthcare" means keeping out disease. If our psecularists were to define Healthcare, they would say it should be: GIVING EQUAL ENCOURAGEMENT TO ALL DISEASES, PROMOTING THEM ALL.

Uddharet said...

Read these also:
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I do wonder whether Iftekhar Murtaza's (the murderer in chief) helpers could also be of the same religion.

souixsie said...

The behavior is pathological. Many other families have been similarly destroyed.

The UK, especially Hindu and Sikh girls, is a happy hunting ground for these predators.