Monday, February 28, 2011

more faint praise for pranab's budget. in other words, it stinks.

feb 28th, 2011 CE

wsj: lingering leviathan

leviathan, in case you have forgotten, was a sea monster. pretty good analogy for the UPA govt, that which sucks in everything around into its ugly maw.

also wsj: selling india short

and nyt: india says it expects growth to cut deficit. 

famous last words.


Inferno said...

In real terms, if one looks at the inflation, there is no increase in the Defence Budget. Even this meagre money is surrendered at the end of the financial year regularly.

The internal instability being created by the 'Jasmine Revolution' in China is likely to make Beijing divert the attention of its citizenry by imposing a short swift war on a soft target like India.

Inferno said...

India’s new Tejas fighter will be armed with Israel’s Derby missile. The Derby is medium-range active-radar seeker air-to-air missile, that can hit targets at about 50 km away.