Saturday, February 20, 2016

Trump Wins South Carolina Primary; Bush Drops Out

Donald Trump has now won the South Carolina primary, according to the results that have come out:

This makes it Trump's second consecutive victory, and this along with the huge lead he's consistently maintained in the polls, has cemented his status as the clear frontrunner for the Republican Party nomination.

If he maintains this performance, then the only thing which could prevent him from becoming the Republican nominee might be a brokered convention arranged by party string-pullers, which Trump said he would not accept.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton has just defeated challenger Bernie Sanders in Nevada.

UPDATE: Jeb Bush has just dropped out of the US presidential race.


SS said...

OT: Pathetic situation in Haryana

Buses and toll plazas burned, university under siege, train tracks uprooted. This is something that I would expect in Pakistan not in India and certainly not in a BJP ruled state.

How can anybody be expected to take "Hindu Exceptionalism" seriously when Hindus behave like this? They are destroying what little public infrastructure exists in their communities. Then the same people will demand that the Govt rebuild the bus stations, toll plazas, police stations and railway tracks. Morons

san said...

Same Hardik Patel problem all over again. Let's face it - ordinary people are too stupid to care about economic growth - everybody only cares about their own necks.