Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Quick notes: Aborigines, Public sector banks...

  • White man's burden: Each year, dozens of Canadian Aboriginal women are murdered or disappear never to be seen again. Some end up in a river that runs through the heart of Winnipeg. 

  • UPA's Legacy: Public sector banks' solvency position worsens

  • How to fix JNU: The right way to deal with a hostile ecosystem is to not attack it frontally, but to starve it slowly and create a rival institution.

  • Sindh allows Hindu marriages to be registered: The legislation also contains a controversial clause that allows the marriage to be annulled if any spouse converts. In rural Sindh, young Hindu girls have been a regular target for abductions, forced religious conversions and underage marriages. The perpetrators of these crimes are often protected by local influential figures linked to Islamic seminaries.

  • EM Fields From Cell Phone Masts Can Amplify Pain: Researchers found that by the fourth week, 88 percent of subjects in the nerve-injured group demonstrated a behavioral pain response to the exposure, while only one subject in the other group exhibited pain at any time and that was during the first week.

  • Punjab: Heavy toxic metals detected in kids

  • Good news: Coca-Cola India shuts 3 plants citing inadequate demand 

  • Best way to reduce harmful emissions? Curb cars

  • Libtard Haven:

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