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Fwd: Why I believe JNU row is Modi's Godhra-2

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Why I believe JNU row is Modi's Godhra-2
BJP and Sangh Parivar are set to benefit politically from the controversy.
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BJP and Sangh Parivar are set to benefit politically from the controversy.

Astrologers are almost unanimous in predicting that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will come back to power in 2019, even after the BJP's defeats in Delhi and Bihar and a possible bad show in the coming state elections. Most of them make the same prediction: his stars are such that even if he is written off by one and all, he will bounce back with a bang and his rivals will be his biggest helpers.
I know two of his astrologers well - Mumbai-based Niranjan Shukla, a professional astrologer who predicted about Modi and BJP president Amit Shah with pinpoint accuracy in the past when their chips were totally down, and Amita Roy, a historian-cum-astrologer also based in Mumbai.
Only time will tell whether the BJP government will return to power at the Centre in the 2019 general elections or not. In the past though, astrological predictions about Modi, particularly his ability to bounce back from difficult situations, have invariably come true.
When 59 people, most of them Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) kar sevaks, were killed by a Muslim mob in a train near the Godhra railway station on February 27, 2002, the instant feeling in the Sangh Parivar was that it had suffered a political setback as killing of such a large number of Hindus by Muslims in a state ruled by the right-wing virtually meant the BJP's downfall.
Little did it know that its ideological rivals, the leftist NGOs and human rights activists and the Congress, would turn out to be the biggest contributors to its political resurgence.
These NGOs and the Congress launched a campaign in 2002 seeking justice for the hapless Muslims killed in the Gujarat riots, but at the same time committed the blunder of protecting, from behind the scene, the Muslim killers of Godhra whose act had actually triggered the bloodshed. Hence, a wave a repulsion exploded against the leftist activists.
Modi, on his part, played his cards well. While addressing a public gathering, he struck a balancing note saying what happened in Godhra was condemnable and what happened after Godhra was also condemnable. This was in sharp contrast to the one-sided approach of the so-called human rights activists.
And from then onwards, the more the NGOs indulged in pro-minority acts to put Modi down, including playing up fake encounter cases, the greater was the benefit that Modi derived. Modi might claim that his development plank made him the prime minister, but his image of a Hindu victim of an alleged Left and minority conspiracy also played a big role in it.
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