Friday, February 26, 2016

Quick notes: S-Curve, Ageing Japan...

  • S-Curve: Bloomberg predicts explosive growth of EVs and resultant oil crash. 

  • Japan now has million fewer people than in 2010: The rapidly ageing population has contributed to a stagnating economy and worries of increasing health costs.

  • “It was a political decision”: Ex-home secy GK Pillai distances self from Ishrat affidavits 

  • Is Kannur, India's political murder capital? "The CPI-M leaders are in real life not pro-poor. They fight against foreign universities coming to Kerala, but they send their children to study abroad. They fought against self-financing colleges. Now the CPI-M is the largest owner of self-financing colleges in Kerala. The rank and file understand this."


san said...

Tesla has regularly missed its forecasts on everything, which is why it's such a yo-yo stock. They promise big things and the stock surges, they don't deliver on time and the stock plunges, then they scramble to deliver it somewhat belatedly and the stock comes back again.

Pagan said...

Tesla's share of EV market will be much lesser in the coming years.