Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Quick notes: Lying press, E-scooter...

  • Lying Press: Germans Lose Faith in the Fourth Estate. The media had long concealed the extent of crimes committed by refugees and migrants.

    ....In fact, the media and govt tried (
    unsuccessfully) to find any German perpetrators in the Cologne assaults so that they could gloat, "See? This is widespread crime. It is racist to blame the refugees".

  • Flipkart-backed Ather unveils e-scooter: Eyeing e-car segment next.

  • Bullet Train Syndrome: The bullet train syndrome perpetuates an elitist approach to the Indian Railways, which consists of creating a pleasant fast track for a privileged minority at the cost of slumdog treatment for the rest.

  • Poop Transplant: A solution to one of the world’s biggest health problems could be fecal pills

  • Barley 'reduces appetite and improves metabolism': Incorporating barley into the diet reduces the risk of diabetes and lowers blood sugar levels.

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san said...

Personally, I don't think that the Modi govt's focus on bullet trains was to please an elite rich minority - rather, it was to show off India as an advanced country with 1st-class infrastructure, like Japan, Korea, and China.

Better for India to upgrade/expand the infrastructure for the middling masses, where it will generate the most benefit and appreciation, rather than waste money on an expensive White Elephant.

Hyperloop R&D seems to be progressing at a very rapid pace, and so if India were to defer extremly high-speed upgrades to the next decade, then we might be able to benefit from that next generation of technology which is said to be far cheaper and much superior in performance to current bullet trains.