Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Boston Dynamics Unveils Latest Atlas Robot

Google-owned robotics company Boston Dynamics has unveiled the newest iteration of its bipedal Atlas robot:



As you can see, the thing has been improved by incorporating an onboard power supply, as compared to the previous one walking with a long power cord trailing behind it. The first Atlas was only created a couple of years ago, so at this rate of improvement these increasingly humanoid machines should be approaching human-levels of agility and capability within 10 years time.

As with Driverless Nano, India should get onboard the robotics bandwagon to develop its own human-capable robots. ISRO should even  try to put them on the Moon and Mars. While India does have a large labour pool, it's notoriously prone to strikes and agitation, while eschewing menial work. Ironically, the word "robot" originates as a Czech word meaning menial work and drudgery, like cleaning toilets.

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