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Fwd: U.S. can ill afford 2 COLD WARS+PAMPORE TERRORIST ATTACK – ‘A Special Kind of Failure’+Nurturing Capital Acquisitions+South China Sea patrols brings no benefit to India

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1. Cosying up to Sri Lanka by G Parthasarathy 25.2.16 
The growing Chinese interest in port facilities in Sri Lanka and the offer by Pakistan to supply Sri Lanka Chinese designed JF 17 fighter aircraft at favourable terms, suggests the emergence of the joint China-Pakistan axis to establish a cooperative defence network, across the Indian Ocean.
Sri Lanka appears determined to go ahead with the Colombo Port City Project with China, though it is likely to have the terms amended to address concerns of its other partners. '
2. Pakistan Army provide weapons training to the ISIS in Afghanistan by vikram sood 25.2.16
3. PAMPORE TERRORIST ATTACK – 'A Special Kind of Failure' 24.2.16 by Manvendra Sinh:
In a hostage situation, time is essential as delay means deaths. But in Pampore, an assault was ordered before it was clear whether there were hostages, where they were, and how many terrorists held them. Because Pampore is Srinagar and a multistorey government building meant the exigency was getting the hostages out fast.
So, let them adapt, find the route, even if it is not a 'fair' one. At least precious lives wouldn't have been lost, for the sake of time, which in the end doesn't tell. Only statistics do. And in that the army botched up. Badly.
4. Army Deployment Why this goof up in Haryana 26.2.16
'Under no circumstance can the Army be placed under the command of the police. This is an essential part of fair civil administration because the Army is expected to be totally impartial and unprejudiced while dealing with an explosive law and order situation, which might have arisen because of excess committed by the police resulting in a head-on confrontation with the rioting public. Neither is there any provision for "bulk requisitioning" of the Army by the Chief Secretary or the Chief Minister directly dealing with the Army Chief or the Defence Minister. '
5. Pathankot Pampore and Indo Pak Talks by Lt Gen Prakash Katoch 25.2.16
My take – There is nothing to talk with Pakistan yet keep on talking knowing its futility. BJP can stop being defensive and quietly take the battle into Pakistan camp.
7. Veer Savarkar breathed his last on 26th Feb. Read 50 years on: Who was the real Savarkar 26.2.16 by Lt Gen Ashok Joshi and Col Anil Athale
My take – must read. Wish the respected authors had included Savarkar's thoughts on foreign policy esp China.
8. Autonomy for universities does not make them liberated zones by Swapan Dasgupta 26.2.16
It is instructive to recall that in the 1970s, the hostels of Jadavpur became armed fortresses, with Naxalites calling the shots. It was also the campus where the vice-chancellor was hacked to death by students proclaiming "China's chairman is our Chairman".
9. U.S. can ill afford 2 COLD WARS 25.2.16 by Dr Subhash kapila
10. South China Sea patrols brings no benefit to India 25.2.16
"Even though New Delhi obeys Washington, it's not likely that it will see the desired return. The White House's sale of fighter planes to Pakistan provides the latest example. India once mulled over deepening its military cooperation with the US in hope that the latter would cancel the endorsement for its perennial regional rival. But the US has its strategic needs by the sale of weapons and has never changed minds despite India's long-running objection.
In economy, politics and security, China is far more capable of making trouble for India than the reverse. The Modi government's refusal to launch the joint naval patrols shows that it has no attempt to provoke China on the one hand and that its ties with the US are not firm enough on the other".
12. Manipur likely to lose land to Myanmar 26.2.16
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