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Fwd: Agni 5: The real game-changer+ India’s Military Might: the real truth+Blockade shows Nepal’s connectivity dilemma +China: Imminent grant of core leader status to Xi Jinping

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4. Agni 5: The real game-changer by navneet b 3.2.16
'The ability to carry 1-1.5 tons warhead over 5000+ kilometers range is definitely another feature of the missile that puts it in a different category than whatever missiles India has. Agni-5 however with its higher payload and MIRV capability – with high accuracies – does give India a counter force capability. '
5. India's Military Might: the real truth by lt gen a chabbawal 2.2.16
6. Japan and India's convergent strategic trajectories by subhash kapila 3.2.16
7. China: Imminent grant of core leader status to Xi Jinping  by d s rajan 3.2.16
8. Blockade shows Nepal's connectivity dilemma 3.2.16
The disputes between Nepal and India exposed the weakness in China-Nepal trade - transportation. Built in the 1960s, the China-Nepal highway that connects Kathmandu and China's Zhangmu carries 70 percent of the land trade between the two neighbors. The priority now is to re-energize the highway. China can enlist the project of restoring and improving the highway as part of the "One Belt, One Road" initiative.
Promoting China-Nepal economic and trade ties will also benefit India in the long run. It can better connect Nepal with India and Bangladesh and meanwhile link Nepal up with China, Thailand and Myanmar to enhance the connectivity between South Asia and Southeast Asia. This will also prompt India to open up more. '
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