Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Fwd: Modi Haters Will Outrage And Fume Till 2019 No Matter What

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Modi Haters Will Outrage And Fume Till 2019 No Matter ...
Oh to be an #AdarshLiberal! To be proved wrong a million times and still get a million privileges! Modi Haters of the country unite.
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Oh to be an #AdarshLiberal! To be proved wrong a million times and still get a million privileges! Modi Haters of the country unite.

India is fast changing. Power Minister Piyush Goyal is making India self-reliant. Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu is transforming a monolith. Infrastructure Minister Nitin Gadkari was called Maharashtra's "Roadkari" in the 1990s and is now is India's too in the 2010s.
Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu is building a modern capital city from scratch. There is no shortage of good stories coming out of India. Of course if you are outside the country, you will hear absolutely nothing of this for the simple reason that it will show Prime Minister Narendra Modi in good light!
One part of India is being destroyed though. Jungle Raj has returned to Bihar. Goonda Raj returned to Uttar Pradesh much before that. West Bengal in mired in violence (think the Malda rampage), corruption (think the Saradha scam) and the border seems to have become porous again. The Information Bureau is worrying about the influx of fake notes and potential terrorists.
Even Karnataka is seeing record power cuts and communal tension. The city of New Delhi is also going into decline going by the increasing piles of garbage and the total breakdown of ties between government agencies.
Of course all this is being downplayed too. Why? The answer is the same as above. It will show Modi in good light!
Former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati built statues of herself. Politicians have been known to slap government officials. The Congress is nothing but the party president Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul.
Yet if Modi wears a suit bearing his name, then he's the biggest megalomaniac in the country and we all have to debate it endlessly.
Let's face it. No matter what Modi does, no matter what he achieves, no matter how he transforms this nation, senior editors, (pseudo) intellectuals, (pseudo) seculars, (pseudo) liberals, writers, artists and (un)Civil Society will continue to attack him 24X7.
They attacked him non-stop from 2002-12 even though all the allegations fell flat.
They said he masterminded Godhra.
They said he killed Ishrat Jahan.
They said there was no development in Gujarat.
They said he masterminded Snoopgate.
They said his deputy (current BJP President Amit Shah) was a criminal.
And so on and so forth.
And guess what? Forget a conviction or trial—there isn't even a chargesheet against him! Sonia on the other hand is a snow white victim even though a sessions' judge and High Court judge have found merit in a case against her.
From 2013-14 they continued to attack Modi even though Sonia and the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had brought the nation to ruin with their endless scams. UPA2's economic policy, foreign policy, defence policy… everything was pushed to the side as the media focused all their attention on attacking Modi.
Even when he became Prime Minister, the downright baseless allegations and attacks continued. They called him a 31% PM even though the NDA got a 38.5% vote share, very high in a flourishing multi-party democracy.

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