Thursday, February 02, 2017

Will Kejriwal Revive Khalistan Insurgency?

Arvind Kejriwal has been aggressively courting the Khalistan supporters in the Punjab elections, daring to meddle like a fool where wiser men would not rush in. Likewise, the Khalistanis are very much in love with him.

Given their crooked stuntsmanship in Delhi, if AAP comes to power in Punjab, they may destabilize it, just Kashmir has recently been destabilized. If that happens, then Pakistan/ISI will be sure to take full advantage to re-extend their hand back into the state. Furthermore, China might get involved to help advance its CPEC ambitions.

I don't know if Doval is devising a doctrine to deal with Punjab under AAP, but we're going to need more than just positive wishful thinking.

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