Sunday, February 26, 2017

McMaster Appointment Meant to Appease Deep State

The appointment of General McMaster as National Security Advisor signals Trump's relinquishment of control over foreign policy back to the Deep State:

Perhaps Trump is deciding which battles he can win, and which he must step back from. After Nawaz Sharif returned to power, he too began embarking on major foreign policy changes such as thawing relations with India, when suddenly the Pak military rapped him him on the knuckles, and arm-twisted him into relinquishing control of foreign policy back to the military.

It's only once Trump builds up more political power for himself by winning on other fronts (improving America's economy, reducing unemployment, improving education, infrastructure, etc) that he'll be able to Bell the Cat and bring the Deep State to heel.

But of course America's Deep state has its flunkies in the US Congress too, just like ISI has flunkies among Pak parliamentarians. There seem to be various Republican Congressmen who keep mentioning the need for special inquiries into Trump's ties with Russia. The goal is to keep Trump struggling on the ropes until he can be ousted in 4 years time.

The question is - how will Steve Bannon handle the situation? He has obtained an unprecedented role for himself on the US National Security Council, but will now be facing in McMaster someone who is outspoken with views very different than his own.

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