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Fwd: New Delhi will suffer loses if it plays Taiwan card+Windfall for Chinese on coal fired projects+Make In India’ Fighter Aircraft: Strategic Options+Managing scarce water resources Pak

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1. IAF expanding at rapid pace says Air Chief Marshall Dhanoa 13.2.17 Interview with Nitin Gokhale
2. Pakistan based counterfeters circulating fake Rs 2000/ notes on Indo Pak Border 13.2.17
SN – Cattles worth thousands of crores smuggled into Bangladesh every year. Is it paid for in gold, fake notes, dollars or hawala. I met a businessman from Kolkata who exports to Bangladesh and receives payment thru hawala. He said there are Bangladeshis on both sides of the border, sometimes brothers, that had made hawala and some sort of barter work freely.
3. JeM chief block shows China's determination to shield Pakistan from terrorism scrutiny 13.2.17 by Kanwal Sibal
4. New Delhi will suffer loses if it plays Taiwan card 15.2.17 by Yu Ning
A female "parliamentary" delegation from Taiwan, at the invitation of India, began a visit to the country on Monday, the first such visit since the Tsai Ing-wen administration took office. High-level visits between India and Taiwan are not very frequent, so why did India invite the Taiwan delegation to visit at this time?
India wants benefits from the development of trade with Taiwan and Taiwanese investment. But it should be wary of Tsai's political intentions and avoid being used to confront the mainland. The best way for India to develop is by participating in the Belt and Road Initiative and attract more investments from the mainland.
5. HAL's Gamble – Will the "Advanced Hawk" break into the Export market? 13.2.17 by sanjay b maharaj
6. Global Balance of Power 2017 weighted heavily against China-Russia Nexus 14.2.17 by dr subhash kapila
While dwelling on the issue of the global balance of power in relation to the China-Russia nexus it is also for consideration that while Russia adds strategic ballast to China, the same is not true of China adding strategic ballast to Russia, in global power equations'.
7. Make In India' Fighter Aircraft: Strategic Options 15.2.17 by air marshal anil chopra
8. Mehbooba proposes 9 modifications in LOC trade 15.2.17
9. Windfall for Chinese on coal fired projects 15.2.17
In what appear to be heavily China-favoured deals, Pakistan has offered up to 34.5 per cent annual profit on equity invested in coal-fired energy projects of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and loans have been obtained at six per cent interest rates, excluding insurance cost.

The official documents revealed that by including the cost of insurance, also paid to a Chinese insurance company, the cost of borrowings would surge to 13 per cent. Adding insult to injury, the government has already exempted income of Chinese financial institutions from dividend income tax.'

10. Managing scarce water resources 14.2.17 by talat masood GOOd read.

What is not well known that India having the advantage of being the upper riparian is cleverly utilising the ground water to its advantage! In Pakistan, unlike India, there is absence of laws for ground water usage to ensure equitable distribution among provinces.Pakistan is also faced with the danger wherein in certain areas saline water is mixing with sweet water.

The Indus River basin aquifer spans the two countries and when the Indians carry out excessive abstraction it results in starving the Pakistani side and lowering the water table. This in turn creates a favorable situation for Indian Punjab as water starts flowing to their side having a lower water table. This in turn adversely affects the water availability and quality on the Pakistani side.

When sanctity of treaties are violated then it could well open up a Pandora's box with China similarly exercising the option of diverting the Brahmaputra River!When sanctity of treaties are violated then it could well open up a Pandora's box with China similarly exercising the option of diverting the Brahmaputra River!'

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