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Chidambaram's latest gaffe: Playing into Pakistan's hands
February 25, 2017, 7:16 PM IST Ashali Varma

How PM Modi inherited the reservation bomb
February 24, 2016, 6:50 PM IST Ashali Varma

The cost of casteism
The Prime Minister is right when he says India cannot move forward until UP does. But forgets that in 2014, this state gave him the 73 seats he needed to get a full majority.
Tavleen Singh | Updated: February 26, 2017

Meet Sunil Bansal, the 'invisible' man behind BJP's UP poll battle
ASSEMBLY ELECTIONS Updated: Feb 26, 2017 01:23 IST
Prashant Jha

Backed by China, Pak is unlikely to change support for terror substantially
ANALYSIS Updated: Feb 24, 2017 20:45 IST
Shyam Saran

Modi Plays Robin Hood with audacious land giveaways
By Yatish Yadav  |  Express News Service  |   Published: 26th February 2017

Sunday, 26 February 2017 | Kanchan Gupta
The larger point is the continuing decay and decline of India's only other (now increasingly notional) national party, as Rahul Gandhi leads it from disaster to unmitigated disaster. It voters are increasingly switching sides

The threat from within
Former Provost John Etchemendy, in a recent speech before the Stanford Board of Trustees, outlined challenges higher education is facing in the coming years. Following is an excerpt from that talk.
FEBRUARY 21, 2017

Sunday, 26 February 2017 | Swapan Dasgupta

Swachchta redefined
Tuktuk Ghosh, a retired IAS officer and comments on governance issues.
February 26, 2017

Show is on: Fighter India takes off
Ajay Banerjee in New Delhi
Feb 26, 2017
It's the inglorious tag of 'world's biggest importer' that saw such high-profile attendance at the Aero-India show in Bangalore. The interface between Indian manufacturers and foreign big players is aimed at creating a local industry where hi-tech defence assets could be built.

A plan to invade Bengal
ANEESH GOKHALE | Sun, 26 Feb 2017-08:00am , DNA
The great Ahom king Rudra Singha had mobilised 4 lakh soldiers to invade Mughal-ruled Bengal, but his untimely death stalled the campaign

Donald Trump can't afford to lose grip
The US intelligence community is convinced that his administration has been compromised by Russia.
Harsh V Pant

Wary of Donald Trump unpredictability, China ramps up naval abilities
By Reuters | Updated: Feb 26, 2017,

क्या मीडिया हिन्दू विरोधी है : मीडिया की निष्पक्षता का अवलोकन |
यदि मीडिया को केंद्र सरकार से या बीजेपी से परेशानी है तो, जो भी गलत बीजेपी करे, तो मीडिया हज़ार बार उनके खिलाफ छापे | मगर यदि सिर्फ बीजेपी को हराने के लिए हिन्दुओं के साथ पक्षपात किया जाए तथा उनके साथ हो रहे अत्याचारों को दबाया जाए तो यह गलत है |
Shubham Verma @theshubhamv
Hindi | 25-02-2017

Kishan S Rana: Why India needs smart diplomacy
The country's diplomatic machinery should have more resources for proactive external engagement
Kishan S Rana 
February 25, 2017

Neither Nehru Nor America, Lion's Share Of Blame For Tibet's Demise Lies With Its Own People
Jaideep A Prabhu - Feb 25, 2017
Tibet: An Unfinished Story details the sad history of the Roof of the World from its earliest mentions in the West to its conquest, annexation and subjugation by China.
Halper, Lezlee Brown, and Halper, Stefan. Tibet: An Unfinished Story. London: C Hurst & Co. Publishers, 2014. 367 pp.

Centre finalises measures to counter attempts to destabilise border states
By PANKAJ VOHRA | NEW DELHI | 26 February, 2017

India can provide hope to the Baloch struggle
By SHUBHABRATA BHA... | 25 February, 2017
With the present Khan of Kalat asserting that he would go to India to highlight the plight of his people, the struggle of the Baloch people enters a new phase.

A forgotten war technology could safely power Earth for millions of years. Here's why we aren't using it
Dave Mosher 
Humanity may face an energy crisis as the world's population rapidly grows.
Nuclear power plants can generate bountiful, carbon-free electricity, but their solid fuel is problematic, and aging reactors are being shut down.
A Cold War-era liquid-fueled reactor design could transform thorium — a radioactive waste from mining — into a practically limitless energy source.
US engineers proved such a system works during the 1960s. However, the military canceled the project and it was nearly forgotten.
Companies and governments are now trying to revive and evolve the design, but development costs, regulations, and nuclear-weapons concerns all pose hurdles.

Violent extremism
Disrupt online radicalization and propaganda
The Internet has become both a battleground and a recruitment platform for violent extremists. Groups like ISIS use it to create propaganda, recruit new members, and spread fear. They use increasingly sophisticated social campaigns to identify those who might be susceptible extremist content. And by creating and publishing high-quality original content, extremist groups like ISIS have established themselves as global brands. But technology can help to interrupt the cycle of radicalization and divert young people away from extremism online.

U.S. Has New Neighbor in Djibouti: Chinese Naval Base
Feb 25, 2017
With tensions between the rivals increasing, American strategists worry that operations at the Pentagon's camp in the Horn of Africa nation will be observed.

Moscow is trying to tap the region's massive oil and natural gas reserves and encourage commercial shipping through an Arctic shortcut between European and Asian ports.

Why putin will be skipping the 100th anniversary of the russian revolution

A world turned upside down
Wind and solar energy are disrupting a century-old model of providing electricity. What will replace it?
Feb 25th 2017

In fintech, China shows the way
Advanced technology, backward banks and soaring wealth make China a leader in fintech
Feb 25th 2017

Where did Steve Bannon get his worldview? From my book.
Neil Howe February 24
Neil Howe is the author, along with William Strauss, of "Generations," "The Fourth Turning" and "Millennials Rising."

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