Thursday, February 23, 2017

Quick notes: Solar tariffs, Cognitive computing...

  • Solar tariffs hit all-time low: Rs2.97/unit. It couldn’t be a worse time for the coal-fuelled power plants in the country as India’s current installed capacity of 3,10,005 MW and the projects under construction are expected to meet the country’s electricity demand till 2026. This effectively means that there will be no requirement for new coal fuelled power plants in the country till then.

  • Cognitive computing: Watson helps treat heart disease by looking at medical images

  • Clogged cities: On an average, 353 new cars and 1,372 new bikes joined Bengaluru’s slow-moving traffic every day in 2016, taking the total number of vehicles to 66.65 lakh. "No amount of infrastructure will be adequate if private vehicles are not reduced".

  • Tackling smog: London to charge all pre-2004 cars $27 to enter on weekdays

  • Manu Prakash: Saving lives with simple Engineering

  • 17 equations that changed the world:

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