Monday, February 13, 2017

Michael Flynn Forced to Resign

US General Michael Flynn has been forced to resign as Donald Trump's National Security Advisor:

Looks like the Deep State has claimed its first main casualty - they'd managed to undermine Flynn by claiming that he'd talked to the Russians about possible lifting of sanctions against them. So by that standard, should Kissinger and Nixon have been labeled traitors by the Washington establishment for opening secret talks with China? Of course not - when Atlanticists dominate the Deep State, then all is forgiven in the interest of confronting Moscow - and that's what the imperialists in Rawalpindi and Beijing always bank on.

In the meantime, Trump's team has scheduled General David Petraeus for an interview, with an eye to having him replace Michael Flynn.

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nizhal yoddha said...

yes, i think flynn committed no 'crime' other than that the lefties and the #deepstate don't like him. this is a blow to trump though, and comes on top of the uturn on one-china. hans must be gleeful