Sunday, August 21, 2016

BBC Continuing Propaganda Against India

I think the BBC must be infested with British Pakistanis, to be so doggedly pursuing anti-Indian propaganda:

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Sameer said...

It is I guess the other way round as well... those Kipling type britishers who hated India and Indians who nurtured Pakistan, encouraged it to engulf Northern areas and later provided it arms and material, helped it in its dirty tricks like Khalistan, North east insurgencies (before 1971), made it a 'model' state during Soviet invasion of Afghanisthan nurture such anti India elements, BBC is filled with such scum who would rather have Britan filled with these jehadis but not see India rise.
British Pakis are more dangerous than those in Pakistan...unfortunately, our Indians seem to melt (bollywood bhai bhai style) at the sight of these guys, claiming to be 'brothers', especially Punjabis.. some of whom would rather be cozy with 'fellow-Punjabis'(Pak-jabis) than other Indians..