Sunday, August 07, 2016

'Yes We Khan'

Donald Trump's popularity has been badly mauled due to his public feud with Khizr Khan, and polls show him as having fallen 10 points behind Hillary Clinton:

Trump's allies and advisors are counseling him to avoid fights like this, which only play into the hands of his Democrat rivals:

While Mr Khizr Khan claims to have retreated from his public spat with Donald Trump, he still continues to parade himself in front of the media.

Needless to say, a movement has sprung up to get Khizr Khan to run for political office:

If Khan were to manage to get elected as a US Congressman, he could become the new voice for Pakistan in the US Congress:

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SS said...

According to the Reuters and LA Times polls, Trump is within 3 points of Hillary. Trump has also been hurt more by Republicans not lining up behind him. His (R) support is around 72% whereas Hillary's (D) support is around 86%. The Khan episode has mostly faded away from public memory.