Monday, August 22, 2016

Balochistan: Turning the Tables On Pakistan

The best defense is a good offense, and the Modi govt's move to turn the tables on Pakistan by raising the questions over Gilgit & Baltistan, POK, as well as Balochistan will now vigorously put the ball back in Pakistan's court on ending its aggression towards neighbors. We have not only Afghanistan but also Bangladesh on our side - and probably some quiet tacit acceptance from the Americans, given their own frustrations with Pakistan.

And if China tries to up the ante against India by challenging us over the NorthEast, then we'd better immediately respond by raising the issue of Tibet. They're already picking fights with their other neighbors, and it's upto them on whether they want to simultaneously escalate a fight with us.

If Baloch are ethnically related to the Kurds, then Hindus will be like the vulnerable Yazidis as Pak fights back using Taliban-type jihadis to support its army.

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