Friday, August 12, 2016

why GST has hidden dangers, but kudos to PM for courage

i hope it doesn't become a pyrrhic victory, leading to a congress resurgence.

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san said...

With a major win like GST, it does its bit to loosen the gordian knot, creating a little more political slack which can be parlayed into further reform moves which will loosen the knot further, and so on.

So many further reform moves need to be done, such as land acquisition and labour law reforms - but these will entail political costs, and the govt has to be in a stronger position before it can undertake the bruising battle for them. They may not be possible before Modi's re-election. One move that could pay dividends for the govt with lesser cost, and could thus be taken earlier, is to reform refugee laws to allow minority Hindus from the neighboring countries to get citizenship quickly. If Angela Merkel can do it for Syrians, we ought to be able to do it for fellow Hindus. The fact that they'll be grateful enough to vote BJP would create a positive trend in our favour. Sure, the Congress and Left will shriek against it, but the voting masses themselves won't be against it, so there'll be no electoral risk.