Thursday, August 18, 2016

Badminton player P.V Sindhu a "right wing" Hindu?

#PVSindhu India's Olympic Gold medal hope. 

She is seen here praying to Goddess Mahankali at the Temple in Hyderabad and making an offering for good luck; vowing to return every year - prior to her departure for the Rio Olympics.

That absolutely makes her a "communal", "obscurantist", "right wing", "fundamentalist" Hindutvawaadi in the lexicon of the Macaulayites.

I hope she wins Gold tomorrow and makes us all proud - except those who would "leave" the country protesting against a "fascist" Hindu's victory at the Olympics!

Jai Telangana! Vande Mataram!


Sameer said...

you forgot to add other the choicest epithets used by these unworthies like 'feudal', 'borguese', 'irrational', 'un-scientific', 'casteist', 'brahminical' etc.

May she give a good fight and hopefully win.. Jai Hind!

Mahesh said...

nice post! Pv Sindu has made our nation proud in RIO olympics. Congrulations to her. By:lingashtakam Team

Dinesh D said...

yes! She is a from Hindu religion, God bless her to win more medals for India.I would like to subscribe to this post.By: lingashtakam team.