Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Fwd: The Intellectual Bankruptcy Of The Left In India

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From: S G Naravane
David Frawley - August 3, 2016,
India's Left has not been famous for original ideas or deep thinking. It has mainly served to imitate and repeat worn-out leftist thought from Europe and China. It has failed to appreciate, much less understand, India's profound philosophical traditions that go back thousands of years with numerous enlightened sages.
There is a new coalescence of Left parties in India today, such as we see with Congress allying itself with the Communists or Rashtriya Janata Dal, which some may regard as a resurgence, or at least persistence, of the Left. But these Left parties have always aided one another in the background, sharing a common worldview. This new coming together of the Left is happening out of defeat. It is a desperate alliance of disparate parties, not a visionary inspiration for the future.
We cannot look to the Congress and Left parties today for any new insights in the political or economic realms. Their rhetoric seldom goes beyond slogans, innuendos and insults, except to populist promises they have no intention or ability to fulfill.
The Congress Party long ago farmed out its educational wing to the Marxists to provide demeaning history books about India's extraordinary civilisation. These read more like socialist propaganda items rather than any serious rendering of the national heritage. This leftist view of history is called "deconstructionism", meaning, you destroy someone else's view of history, removing culture and spirituality, leaving only your own take on politics and economics as the main factor.
Nostalgia for the Failed Revolutions of Last Century
While we are moving into a new century of information technology, with many cutting-edge developments in global communication and commerce, India's Left is looking back to the last century of failed revolutions, as if their minds are stuck in a time warp. The Left's icon for the youth is not Steve Jobs but Che Guevara, a nineteen-sixties violent revolutionary and cohort of Fidel Castro, whose Cuba went nowhere except into greater poverty.
The Left's youth leaders are would-be new Che Guevaras, with a streak of Osama Bin Laden thrown in as Islamist sympathisers. They go to universities not for education but to organise students against the government. Instead of motivating a new high-tech generation towards a potential dawning prosperity, such student agitators encourage separatism and denigration of India's culture, and don't seem to have economic or scientific skills in any field.
The Left continues to follow its old agenda of class and caste warfare to divide the country and keep the masses afraid, insecure and mistrustful of one another. Repeating old attitudes, they criticise the rich as dangerous, though Left and Congress leaders belong to the wealthy elite of the country. The Left continues to claim that it wants to protect the poor, but so far has only succeeded at protecting poverty.
Against National Advancement
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