Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Fwd: What is upsetting Barkha Dutts Or Gusse ke peechhe kya hai?

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From: S G Naravane
01 August, 2016
Ratan Sharda
Many people have called it spat between two best known names in Electronic Media. I would say, it's a challenge for fight by Barkha, because Arnab never named her, nor has he joined the ugly one sided debate so far. It is social media that has converted this into a spat.
On one side, all the usual suspects from left-secular brigade have sprung to Barkha's side or egged her on, on the other side it is mostly social media crowd that has responded to Barkha. Now a few like R. Jagannathan and Prabhu Chawla have come out to question this high profile fight.
Is it really about gagging of media or is the fight deeper - about ideological chasm that is widening into hard Amazonian depths. Is it about domination of English News space by one person and continuous shrinking TRP of the other, once the biggest name in TV?
I believe excuse of 'press gagging' is a facade to hide hard core left Marxist agenda that is losing its charm since last two decades specially. It's clear that Arnab called for 'questioning' anyone if one has broken a law or worked against national interests. Nothing wrong in it.
Falling TRPs of left secular oriented media versus rising TRPs of nationalist oriented media not just in English but even in other language media is sign of changing mood of the nation which left oriented 'internationalist' (nation is an outdated concept etc) media has refused to acknowledge though viewership establishes this fact firmly.
This disenchantment with a narrative that was going against the grain of common Indian's rooted thinking became pronounced since Modi took centre stage. But it was building up much earlier. With advent of social media it found voice. And suddenly all hell broke loose for 'opinion makers'. Set ideas of decades and set thought processes lost people's respect. Those who caught the wind sailed ahead.
Recall, Times Now was the first to start live broadcast Modi rallies. Other channels, including NDTV had no choice but to cover these rallies as they were losing audience faster than we middle aged people loose hair. After all, media is not social service anymore. It is hard core commerce.
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