Monday, August 15, 2016

india grows a backbone re PoK, gilgit and #baloch?

enough with the nice guy routine.

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rajendra agase said...

When one hears now that members of the European Parliament are raising the Balochistan slaughter matter, one feels that the West has made up its mind to balkanize Pakistan.

The beginning is Sharm-el-Sheikh, make no mistake, wherein the B-word came up first and no less a man of Shiv Shankar Menon's calibre- 3 generations of diplomats (he himself, his father, his grandfather as well as his father-in-law were some of India's topmost civil servants)representing India and Indian interests across the world- could do little.Even the Pakistani diplomats played ball. Why would the Pakistanis even like to have a mention of Baluchistan, for good or for bad, beats me. Modi merely represents the next turn in the highway.

Once the dust settles in Balochistan and Kashmir, why do I have a feeling that the perfidious Albion will somehow ensure that India's interests will be flushed down the geo-political toilet-Modi or no Modi. Dowal and Co. should ensure that in such a scenario, the Hindu civilization is freed of the eternal Muslim blackmail threatening its existence.

san said...

I've read that Pakistan intends to mount a new Kashmir campaign using social media, etc to raise the profile of Kashmir once again. India should therefore also raise the profile of Balochistan in the same way, and that means us no longer being silent on the issue. Probably, Modi's speech was meant to herald this change in strategy.

san said...

Also, check out this article I read a few days back about rumors of a possible new India-US understanding on Balochistan:

I think China's new announcement of "One Belt, One Road" has gotten the Americans worried enough to make them re-think Balochistan. If that's the case, then we have to make the most of this moment, as we did in 1971.

san said...

I was thinking about the issue further - and these are my latest thoughts:

Perhaps we have to see Modi's new stance and speech in a certain light: HOW TO DIVIDE CHINA FROM PAKISTAN

Look, while Pak and China are very close allies, they are nevertheless 2 distinct nations which ultimately have distinct sets of interests, no matter how convergent they are in many ways.

Pak mainly cares about Kashmir, Kashmir, and only Kashmir (because of Durand Line issue). But because puny Pak makes a living by prostituting itself to big sugardaddy China, it has to care about what China-daddy wants.

Meanwhile, China doesn't revolve around Kashmir. China faces the grave problem that its economic future is in peril - and to fix this, they have proposed a grand plan called "One Belt, One Road" to create a giant new "Silk Road" from China to Europe. This giant trade route would necessarily have to pass through Balochistan.

With Modi's new speech, he is firing a huge warning shot at China, telling them that if they don't rein in Pak, then India can ensure China's precious "One Belt, One Road" won't be able to happen.

China doesn't give a damn about Pak's petty little Kashmir obsession - China wants to save its economic future no matter what. So now because of Modi's warning, China is being put in a position where it will have to use its tremendous leverage over Pak to rein it in - thereby doing India's work for it.