Sunday, November 30, 2014

Taiwan Premier Resigns After KMT Loses Taipei Election

Taiwan's premier has resigned after his KMT party lost elections in the capital of Taipei:

Taiwan's electorate, who are mainly of local Taiwanese descent, have punished the ruling KMT (a party which is mainly dominated by exiles from mainland China) for trying to aggressively pursue reunification with the mainland, as well as for a establishing a trade agreement that would make Taiwan dependent upon trade with the mainland.

Reminds me of Congress being kicked out of power by the Indian electorate for its anti-national agenda. Maybe that's a commonality that Modi could pursue in building ties with Taiwan. China seems to have responded to Modi's increased international profile by sending a nuclear sub to Sri Lanka, as well as stepping up assistance to Pakistan. If China continues its game, then India should play the Taiwan card, and use the anti-mainland backlash in Taiwan to advantage.

India should definitely court Taiwanese investment and offer itself as a means of reducing Taiwanese dependence upon trade with China.

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