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Fwd: The Sunni Arc of Instability+How Modi created a rockstar presence+India extends $ 75 million credit line to Fiji+SAARCH Summit+Lanka report

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1. The Sunni Arc of Instability by Brahma C http://chellaney.net/2014/11/14/the-sunni-arc-of-instability/
2. NIA arrested Rohingya Muslim in Hyd. There are 18,000 Rohingya Muslims living in Camps in Hyderabad, Jammu and Delhi 6000 in each city. Note that in August 2012 Azad Maidan Riot in Mumbai one of the key accused was Burmese. Those settled in Jammu will change the demographics of the region further. Further why the Sunni Muslim dominated Valley did not make camps for them in the Valley OR is the Valley to be kept PURE – only original Kashmiris!!
'It wasn't just that he acknowledged Indigenous Australians when Mr Abbott did not. Or that he wondered how MPs were surviving a third address to parliament by a world leader in as many days.

"Maybe this is Prime Minister Abbott's way of shirtfronting you," he suggested with the hint of a wink. It wasn't even the fact that – although he had an autocue – he appeared not to be speaking from prepared notes. He was eyes up all the way through.

As he concluded with a simple "thanks a lot," the chamber rose in a standing ovation. They were not just being polite. If Madam Speaker had let them, they would have whistled, whooped and charged the stage.

That's what you do when you see a rock star perform'.

'Prime Minister Narendra Modi also announced a visa-on-arrival for Fijians and assistance projects that included a Parliament library and doubling the scholarships and training slots in India for people from Fiji.
My take – has any Indian Govt done so before.
6. Modi will bring new life to the SAARC Summit in Kathmandu 19/11/14 by K P Nayar http://www.telegraphindia.com/1141119/jsp/opinion/story_19055059.jsp
'The strongest signal of this has been China's sudden interest in upgrading its status within Saarc from merely one of the organization's nine observers to that of a "dialogue partner". There is no concept within Saarc of a dialogue partner, yet when senior Saarc officials met in the run up to the 18th summit, signals in this regard coming from Beijing were discussed threadbare.
Reminiscent of Vajpayee's bus trip to Lahore, as of now, Modi plans to cross into Nepal by road for the summit. Additionally, he plans to flag off at least one of three daily bus services between various points in Nepal and New Delhi. A container train service from Bangladesh to Nepal will be the first consequence of a Saarc railway agreement, which has been finalized for signature in Kathmandu. Yet another concrete outcome of the summit will be a Saarc framework agreement on energy cooperation. This can have a long-term impact on the prosperity of all of South Asia through sharing of energy resources.'
My take – India must work towards providing Nepal and Bangladesh BIJLI 24 by 7.
7. SAARC Economic Integration Editorial Himalayan Times 19/11/14 http://thehimalayantimes.com/fullNews.php?headline=SAARC+economic+integration++&NewsID=433997
8. Will Mahinda's Indian Fishing Trump Card Boomerang  by Upul J Fernando19/11/14 http://www.srilankaguardian.org/2014/11/will-mahindas-indian-fishing-trump-card.html
'Information flowing from New Delhi indicates that the Modi Government may be of the view that Mahinda's Government was using the convicted fishermen's issue to drive a wedge between the Indian Government and the Indian High Commission in Colombo. The following report in The Hindu may contain some truth to that effect: "President Mahinda Rajapaksa is ready to pardon the five Indian fishermen sentenced to death in Sri Lanka if the Indian High Commission in Colombo does not proceed with an appeal against the sentence, Sri Lankan Minister, Prabha Ganeshan told The Hindu on Tuesday.
Mahinda will need Modi when the UNHRC submits its probe report on Sri Lanka next March. Then Modi will weigh the Chinese submarines, fishermen crisis and the Sri Lankan Tamil issue to make decisions.
My take – Bid your time with the Lankans and do things which reduces our economic dependence on them.

9. Yen Depreciation – Japan's import dependent industries feel currency woes 19/11/14 http://asia.nikkei.com/Politics-Economy/Economy/Japan-s-import-dependent-industries-feel-currency-woes
10. Mamta takes it out on the mike 19/11/14 interview with Rajdeep Sardesai  http://www.telegraphindia.com/1141119/jsp/frontpage/story_1792.jsp.
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san said...

This "rockstar" label seems to be derisive in my opinion. It was used when Iran's Ahmedinejad visited NY as well. Nobody ever used "rockstar" to describe Obama and his fan adulation.