Sunday, November 16, 2014

Quick notes: Delhi jobs, Stealth lobbies...

  • 49 days of work: Arvind Kejriwal promises Delhi 800,000 jobs

  • German Model: India looks to invest $1 billion into renewable energy over coming few years.

  • Rs 25,000 cr loss a year: Successive governments have been under pressure from powerful industry lobbies to hold back royalty slabs for bio resources.

  • Serious side effects: Energy Drinks Can Be Deadly for Young Children

  • Pratima Dharm: ‘Gita my basis for counseling Hindus in U.S. military’

  • Atma Vidya (..not for the faint of heart..): "The greatest sin that can be committed by a person is to think that he is other than God. And then fill his mind with thoughts of craving and of hatred".

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