Thursday, November 06, 2014

series of tweets on robin "model, modern, moderate" raphel. rhymes with witch

State dept begat isi. Isi begat let, taliban. Taliban begat 9/11. A whole lot of begetting. None good for India or for US @Songadiya

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"@tonymontana1947: @RajeevSrinivasa @nytimes @SatyaDayanand let's not forget good ol wendy doniger." How could we? Or her sex obsession

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Robin #Raphel and @nytimes Barbara Crossette biggest India and Hindu hating white women in recent decades @SatyaDayanand

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Robin's husband, amb to pak, was blown up in plane along with pak prez gen zia in 'crate of mangoes' incident. That ➕ isi. Nice nexus

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Robin #Raphel once said pak is a "model, modern, moderate Muslim state". Nice alliteration. Nice singing for supper too. Like msm journos

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"US diplomat and Pakistan expert Robin Raphel "is under federal investigation as part of a counterintelligence probe" robingate = faigate?

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