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1. India China co-operation in Counter-Terrorism: Q&A by col r hariharan 31/10/14
2. A broken international system by brahma c 30/10/14
3. The gathering storm by vikram sood 31/10/14
4. Chinese objection to Indian road projects unacceptable by claude arpi 31/10/14
'The train to Nyingtri in 2020 will further exacerbate the border row. Has Beijing consulted Delhi before finalising the plans? Of course, not! And then, the train to Chumbi Valley, near Sikkim! India is indeed facing a complicated situation …entirely due to China's bullying attitude.'
'The new government is clearly defining Indian interests ('India First') in terms of technological and economic development with a greater focus on these goals in foreign policy.' The third change is with respect to a greater emphasis on overall national power — recognising that economic power is its foundation, but also giving a greater role to military power. The fifth change is a freeing up of self-imposed, historical and mental constraints on developing the relationship with any country to its full potential. Further, the relationship with one country will not constrain that with others — cooperation with China will not affect that with Japan. Both will be evaluated in terms of India's objectives of building national power.
There is also a greater effort to enhance military power, including through asymmetric warfare. Self-imposed constraints of ideology and misplaced fears of offending other countries are being jettisoned. Overall a much more confident, credible and effective national security and foreign policy is predicted to emerge over the next five years'.
6. How many Indians died during the Khalistani Movement by sanjeev nayyar
My take – By setting such ambitious targets Modi is trying to make Indians think big.
8. China pledges financial assistance and training to Afghanistan 1/11/14 by Xinhua
'China pledged to provide non-reimbursable assistance of 500 million yuan (about $81.43 million) to Afghanistan this year at an international meeting on Afghanistan held in Beijing on Friday. China will provide non-reimbursable assistance of 1.5 billion yuan (about $244 million) over the upcoming three years to Afghanistan, to help the country train 3,000 people of all circles in the upcoming five years and provide 500 scholarships, said Chinese Premier Li Keqiang while addressing the opening ceremony of the fourth ministerial conference of the Istanbul Process on Afghanistan.'
9. President Putin's world view by S Nihal Singh 1/11/14
'One Russian criticism one can infer from Mr Putin's exposition of the current malaise is that the United States cannot play the world by its own rules while denying the same privilege to Moscow. On the one hand, the West claims the right to expand its Cold War military alliance to Russia's borders in what it declares as a new world order. On the other, it denies Russia the room to safeguard what it sees as its vital national interests by co-opting the adjoining mass of a country closely tied up with Russia.
10. Why India must remember Sardar Patel by sanjeev nayyar 15/11/13
11. Buddhism challenge to Christian Churches by jenny stewart 1/11/14
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