Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Quick notes: Riskless capitalism, Anish Arora...

  • Riskless Capitalism: In India, promoters have a class of "super" equity which retains all the upside in good times and very little of the downside in bad times

  • Radar net protects tigers: Built by Anish Arora at Ohio State University, the work was originally designed as a way to monitor the flow of people across the country's borders

  • The Grammar of a Dharmic Narrative: "There is something that keeps us united as a single nation no matter how splintered the society is. That something is what I call the Dharmic narrative, a civilizational continuum."

  • Grooming Ordeal: Yorkshire Muslim teenage girl tells of grooming ordeal

  • Diesel car plants idle as diesel-petrol price gap shrinks

  • Parallel park:

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