Sunday, November 02, 2014

Balance of Terror

An article in the Diplomat terms the Indo-Pakistani conflict as a destructive equilibrium:

They also point out that as the US winds down its presence in Afghanistan, that Pakistan will seek to funnel all of those militants into Jammu&Kashmir in India, not least of all to prevent them from ravaging Pakistan.

We should prepare for that - I'm not just talking about military preparations here. I'm talking about the fact that once the Pak-jihadi terror spree returns to India and brings back the black days of the 1980s and 1990s, we will see everyone blaming the rising jihad terrorism on "evil Modi/RSS/Hindutva fascist rule". The left-wing revisionists will simply claim that terrorism was a direct result of Modi being elected Prime Minister, and that violent strife and deterioration of public safety had begun from the very first day of Modi being elected to office.

It would be better if we could get the US to extend its stay in Afghanistan, rather than drawing down its forces too early. The other thing is that it would be better to partition Afghanistan into North and South, because then at least the North will stay free of Pakistani rule, and the independent South will help to dissolve the Durand Line.

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