Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Toilets Before Temples: Modi

Showing his practical side, Modi has called for Indians to build 'toilets before temples'

An excellent slogan to repeat - one sure to strike at the heart of caricatures against the man.


karyakarta92 said...

I'd be suspicious about anything reported by Nehru Dynasty TV. On the other hand, I agree with that theme, in general.
India needs more toilets and the Nehru dynasty is responsible for the lack of them - since they have been ruling the country directly or indirectly for most of India's independent history. However, I vehemently disagree with anyone who targets *Temples* alone. I might agree if someone had stated that toilets are more necessary than
Places of worship of any religion - including IDOLS of Nehruvian Stalinism which dot the country like a dark pestilence. In any case, Hindu Temples are outnumbered by churches, mosques and madrasas in several states. Further, toilets are a greater priority than building a gigantic iron statue of Sardar Patel - although I have huge respect for him. Toilets are also more important than ISRO's grandiose space program unless there is any derivative benefit in the defense realm - a lot of it serves only to employ mediocre government employees incompetent to perform even a rudimentary screw driver job (assembly). If NaMo is going to take pride in un-Hindu things, he may also mention how under his watch - nearly 350 Hindus were killed in police firing - over and above 78 Hindu train passengers burnt alive by a mob intening Sadbhavna.

san said...

Modi's words are actually being reported quite widely:

It's a good slogan that fits with his track record on development. Besides whoever supports temple first won't be voting for Congress or the Left anyway.